About Us

Kisanmitra Group

We at Kisanmitra Group is engaged in our core business of fruits, vegetables, grains and processed food that started its business history. Started with a small venture of trading foods grains, oil seeds with great dedication and flair, the group developed a name for themselves in the food industry. Since then we have grown into a dynamic company, and as a service provider of high quality fresh and frozen food products following international standards. Having vast experience in the field of production, storage, marketing of fruits & vegetables and analyzing the present scenario of ever changing tastes, eating habits, and scope of international markets food safety concerns and wastage of agricultural produce which leads to higher food prices and inflation encouraged us to come into the cold chain.

So the group founded Kisanmitra (an integrated cold chain unit) in the year 2013. The company has farmer producer base. An extensive range, excellence in quality and delivery, and prompt after sales service has enabled us to emerge as a major supplier of processed food products in India and worldwide. The group has further expanded into controlled atmospheric cold storage.


"To be the most trusted solution provider in agribusiness and delivering value to all farmers and buying across the agriculture value chain".


"Enhancement of farmers by empowering them with advanced technologies by providing competitive edge in agro-sector through trust and reliability".

Our Business Philosophy

Only that which is fresh and exclusive is good enough for our customers- a requirement that is imposed by us. As such we work closely together with producer who meets our strong quality consciousness and our high demands. We understand the high standards of our customers and are always ready for surprising innovation. On the day-to-day basis, we act and make decisions based on value. In order to ensure our long-term existence and growth, we rely on responsible employees who look to the future with openness and curiosity. We communicate transparently and rely on consideration and trust so that our employees can grow in determination and realize their personal goals as well as those of the company. Collaboration and quality are essential for us, as it is only through these that we can achieve good results.